A powerful tool for market

Large-scale marketers rely on our advertising platform to place their ad in front of their target audience at the right moment of the buyer's journey.


Precise Buying Control

Stop paying for the wrong customers — Choose exactly where you want your ads placed and pay for nothing else.


Performance Visibility

An advertiser's dream — Slice and dice data to reveal powerful performance metrics including winning ad, peak hours, and more.

Streamline your advertising


Custom Audience-Building

Advanced filtering capabilities ensure your campaign is targeting your perfect consumers. The Click Platform tracks performance and offers predictive scenarios, increasing the success of your ad.


Transparent Traffic Sources

The UE Click Platform places your ad across leading comparison websites, search engines, and industry-leading brand pages. Receive full transparency and data on traffic performance, as well as future projections.


Automated Yield Analysis

Save time, resources, and effort with instant access to your Automated Yield Analysis, a key factor for yield improvement, cost-cutting, and key performance indicators across your campaigns.


Real-Time Analytics

Granular data empowers advertisers to make decisions on how, where, and when they target consumers. Our technology tracks trends and shares individual results.


Closed-Loop Reporting

Track your buyer’s journey from first engagement until the sale is complete. Personalized mapping and visuals provide clear reports to help each team maximize sales performance.


Real Support Team

Take comfort in knowing a real team of experts in San Diego have your back. Our business is helping your business meet its sales goals, so give us a call with any questions.