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The Platform

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Enterprise-level advertisers leverage the solution to manage the marketing and sales activity of their sales-force. The platform tracks lead outcomes using AI driven, real time reporting and provides access to unparalleled support, making click, call, and lead purchasing more efficient. The Platform is also leveraged to monetize online breakage, by providing additional distribution opportunities for partners with organic traffic. does not charge subscription or annual fees, and incorporates usage costs into products being sourced through the platform.

  • Data Segmentation

    Reach The Right Audience

    By appropriately structuring data, enterprises can provide their marketing teams with real-time predictive scenarios, improving the relevance of their campaigns and sales initiatives-- ensuring the right customers get the right messages at the right time. These actionable datasets increase the odds of discovering target audiences.

    Technologies Used:
    UE Laptop UE Laptop UE Laptop UE Laptop
  • Clickstream Analytics

    Marketing With Ease

    The Clickstream client portal pairs consumer behaviors with target audience profiles, allowing customizable consumer experiences. One can also manage ad creation, placements, bids, budgets and creatives, running side-by-side comparisons to continuously optimize advertising and improve CTRs.

    Technologies Used:
    UE Laptop UE Laptop UE Laptop UE Laptop
  • Integrated Inquiry Management

    All Vendors In One Location

    This API-driven system simplifies inquiry management by integrating external lead sources with internal disposition data in real time, extending core validation processes and augmenting data intake with derived data points for granular attribution. System rules trigger email campaigns, SMS, and auto-dial functions.

    Technologies Used:
    UE Laptop UE Laptop UE Laptop UE Laptop
  • Data Hygiene & Lead Scoring

    AI Powered Quality Assurance

    Using machine learning, our system aggregates data from multiple sources, then validates, scores and routes inquiries in order to match specific consumers to specific members of a sales team. This maximizes the ROI for both the buyer and the seller by considering factors such as revenue, cost, lead source and enterprise-level feedback data.

    Technologies Used:
    UE Laptop UE Laptop UE Laptop UE Laptop
  • Closed-Loop Reporting

    Performance-Driven Analytics

    This framework integrates marketing data across an entire sales force, online and offline, so individual media buyers and managers can optimize their performance based on company-level, data-driven feedback. Personalized mapping and visuals provide clear reports with best practices to help each team maximize sales performance.

    Technologies Used:
    UE Laptop UE Laptop UE Laptop UE Laptop


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